Surreflections is a Berlin based creative photo and video production project aiming to unite the virtues of photography, art, fashion and film to create surreal reflections. Using mixed media we aim to achieve an exceptional combination of the fields used. From fashion editorials to advertisements of unique art pieces, we attempt to give each of our pieces and projects significance. Hereby we focus on the symbiosis of digital media and art. The use and inclusion of physical objects such as glass, plastic, metal, fabric, paint, commodities etc combined with a digital postproduction or vice versa creates depth and links two different creative fields.

Surreflections consists of the 2 Berlin based creatives Maria Knofe and Natalie Deutsch. Maria graduated from Humboldt-University in Japan Studies and is currently enrolled in MA media science. Due to working as freelance photo model since 2011 she became acquainted with the production process of fashion editorials as well as directing photo productions. Natalie, a graduated painter, graphic artist and stage designer completes the team with her artistic expertise. She was additionally trained as cultural manager. Moreover she contributes with her experience in managing as well as organizing cultural and artistic projects.

Being a part of the creative scene in Berlin for years, surreflections aspiresto include Berlin based artists, designers, stylists, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, film directors and others involved in the production process.