Creative Collaboration – Stutterheim

Creative Collaboration with Stutterheim Raincoats




Stutterheim is a swedish raincoat label based in Stockholm. The founder and creative mind behind the brand, Alexander Stutterheim, was initially inspired by an old raincoat worn by his granddad he found in an abandoned barn. Then, the memories of his fearless fisherman grandpa, who would go out in any weather were renewed and he wondered, why there was no such thing as a stylish and practical raincoat these days. So he got more into the details of how the coat was made and started to design his own, handmade by the last standing textile factory in sweden, with absolute dedication and an eye for the details the first Stutterheim raincoat was born. By now, the label has multiple collections, a showroom and online multinational presence under his belt.

The clean cuts and high quality, aswell as simplicity caught our eye when we were styling our sporty editorial for Ladygunn Magazine. The coats and capes are just perfect for any weather and in any environment. Their beautiful colors and materials make them a real treat to work with. To put it in words by their maker: „Welcome to embracing the demons lurking outside and those hiding within.“ we were and are happily joining this journey in the best looking way. Find out more about the story behind this brand and shop some of their unique pieces at